Par 3 Golf Course

1st Hole

The first hole, 86 yards, is relatively easy, except for the woods on the right side of the green and the pressure of being watched on your first shot.


2nd Hole

The second hole is a little more of a challenge. It’s 96 yards to the green, again tucked up against the woods with a trap on the left. A brush-filled gully sits between tee and green to rattle the nerves.


3rd Hole

The third hole, the longest on the course at 119 yards, has bunkers front and back. (TIP) Play just to the right of the maple in front of the green. The ball will usually bounce to the left leaving you with a birdie putt.


4th Hole

The fourth hole is 111 yards. If you get your tee shot off between the two big oaks you’re in good shape. A hook or slice will have you snacking on blueberries while you search for your ball.


5th Hole

The fifth hole is an elevated green and at only 67 yards is one of the more challenging of the course. It’s a narrow approach and you won’t get much bounce. Give it too much and you’re in the flowers.

6th Hole

The sixth hole at 86 yards is pretty straight forward. A large trap sits behind the green to catch any over-hit balls.


7th Hole

Number seven is the hole that will drive you crazy. It’s the shortest on the course at 63 yards. It’s a down hill shot, a small ditch passes in front of the green and a pond awaits your ball just off the back side.

8th Hole

The eighth hole is a fun one. It’s 109 yards to the green. Of course you must get over the pond first.

9th Hole

Number nine is 104 yards. However I believe it plays the longest of the course, being an uphill shot. A small trap sits off to the left in front of the green.